Thrills, excitement and adventure are the perfect blend to enjoy the best Canopy Tour in Puerto Vallarta. At our operations center, the Sr. Frogs gift store, you can await for the tour to start, while looking at one of the best stores in town. Our traditional urban terrain vehicles will take you off road up to “Las Vegas Ranch” where a helmet, harness and gloves will be handed out to beging the tree top journey.
Safety guidliness, jokes and recomendations is part of a friendly welcome brieffing from our professional staff.


• Insect repelent

• Sunblock

• Tennis

• Sunglasses

• Money for souvenirs


• People with severe back and neck pain

• Minimun age 7 years.

• Maximum weight 120 kg.


Pick Up
8:00 am, 10:00 am, 13:05 pm 8:15 am, 10:15 am, 13:15 pm 8:35 am, 10:35 am, 13:35 pm
Drop Off
13:05pm, 15:05pm, 18:00pm 12:55 pm, 14:55 pm, 17:55 pm 12:35 pm, 14:35 pm, 17:35 pm
Plaza Residences OXXO Jarretaderas Sr. Frogs